Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Writing Prompts of the Week: June 3 - June 10

For the next few writing prompt posts, I'm going to be focusing on "What If..." statements, simply because they are my favorite, and I have several books of them that I have been pulling from over the last decade. So, without further ado, my seven prompts for the week:

1. What if you found your pet flying around the room?
2. What if you woke up and had a super power?
3. What if you suddenly lost your ability to drive a car?
4. What if you received a call that your parent was deathly ill or had even passed away overnight?
5. What if you discovered that you had another sibling?
6. What if you had the option of winning a large sum of money at the price of losing a significant memory?

7. What if you discovered that a loved one was a serial killer?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Writing and Plans

The more writing prompts and brainstorming sessions that I do here lately, the more I am able to pump out a story or outline even with the children screaming in my face or calling my name out every second. And yes, with four children, it's every second.

Anna is enjoying my writing, at least the writing that I am doing that is for her age level. I've been telling them stories of Billy Bunny most nights since they were young, but I had never written them down, so I've been slowly putting them on paper. I'm still trying to decide if I want to illustrate them or if I should hire someone else to.

Today, I am going to work on editing "The Music Box" and see if I can get a better draft done. I want to submit it to Glimmer Train magazine next time they have standard submissions open. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some good feedback from my writing friends on Writing.com before then.

For now, though, I am going to post this to my blog and go prepare breakfast for my minions.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crochet Project of the Week: Ian's Blanket Re-do

My personal crochet project this week is actually to start a new one. I have until Christmas to finish it, so I'm not in a real rush on it. I just need to start on Ian's blanket since I had to rip out his other one. I'm going to use several different shades of blue and just make him a simple striped blanket to use up some of my odds and ends that I still have. It will be mostly light blue though.

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Leaf from My Notebook: Random Starter Excerpt

This is a starter I brain-dumped this week. Not sure if it's going to go anywhere, ever, but here it is.

He watched them from the rooftop across the street. She battled the three demons alone, yet she seemed to be winning. Priest knew that he needed to intervene--three against one was not fair. He stood up and slid his binoculars inside his hip pouch. Stepping backwards against the roof entrance, he took a deep breath and darted for the building's edge. He stepped up on the ledge and kicked off, soaring across the span between the two buildings like a bird. He landed with a stumble on the edges of the foray.

-random starter

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Writing Prompts of the Week: May 27 - June 2

Okay, random scenario time. Seven "What if's" for the week. Let's see how far I can get.


1) You've been ordered to kill someone you've fallen in love with. How did you get into this situation and what will you do next?

2) A friend from college contacts you and two others for a reunion. What dubious motives might s/he have for doing this?

3) A car crash in your town has an unexpected consequences in another town far away and so on. Write about the domino effect.

4) Every day at work, you see someone you're attracted to. How would you go about getting yourself noticed?

5) Write about two aliens playing "Earth" like a computer game.

6) You're a high-ranking politician and your teenage daughter has joined a revolutionary group. What do you do about it?

7) If you had no money to feed your children, how would you go about getting food?

Monday, May 26, 2014

What's So Funny?

I was finally able to start a real exercise routine yesterday. Since I've had four kids in roughly the last 5 years, my core body muscles were pretty much dead. I had to start with simple stuff like housework (and I mean dead simple like sweeping floors) because my entire body was seizing up if I tried anything harder. I was pathetic.

So anyway, I started a simple aerobics routine yesterday. It's a 22 min 3-round exercise routine. It definitely gave me a workout. What bothered me the most about it was not that it was too hard, or too easy.

What bothered me is that my two year old sat down in front of me with his sippy cup and laughed at me the entire time. So much for my self-esteem. The little gremlin.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cleaning and Organizing

It's been a fairly busy week, writing-wise and family-wise, for me.

Family-wise, I've been cleaning and decluttering as much as I can. I finally converted Ian's bassinet into a playpen (he's been sleeping in his crib—I just hadn't really felt the need to have a playpen for him until just recently). I cleaned off the work table that has been piled up since January with Christmas presents that we had no place to put, new curtains for the kitchen, etc. And my work hutch looks a little less piled. Most of the was just sorting through papers and tossing and filing.

Writing-wise, I managed to get all my current pieces sorted into corresponding notebooks, and last night, I went through all my remnants and sorted them accordingly. Hopefully, today, I'll be able to start writing down the stories (or at least a decent outline).